HELPING WOMEN NOW® with All Around Active apparel.

With our recent partnering with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, we have created a fundraiser to support those who have, had, or know a loved one who has breast cancer.

Like most people, I have been affected by this disease through family members and friends. These women are strong, beautiful, and fit. Watching them fight and never give up hope empowered me to find a way to help. As a business owner of women’s apparel, I wanted to do something special in order to give back to these amazing women.

All Around Active created a fitness package that represents the National Breast Cancer Foundation, called “Helping Women Now.” Each item is customized with pink and branded with the NBCF Pink Ribbon to build awareness of the disease and the program.

Each of the pieces of clothing is made in the USA, with these brave women in mind. For every purchase made, donations will be automatically given to the NBCF.

With your support, we can make a difference in the lives of many. This program encourages you to show your support for those fighting or have fought breast cancer to everyone around you.

This cause is an ongoing fundraiser to support those affected by the disease. Our goal is to reach as many supporters out there to Helping Women Now.

Give your family and friends the gift that gives back. Show your support to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and those affected by this disease.

For more information, please go to our Shop Now Page and view the NBCF section. You can also go to their website for information on programs, statistics, and more.

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